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We work with you to define the scope of the project

At IceMoissanite, we constantly search for retailers who share our passion for beautiful and sustainable gemstones and believe building solid partnerships is vital to our success. We partner with retailers of all sizes, from online shops to family-owned businesses, both in the United States and internationally, and we work closely with our retailers to bring the most brilliant gemstones to market.

Market Growth

Experience the booming market as jewelers across the world adopt lab-grown gems. Tap into this trend for business growth.

Continual Supply

Secure a reliable source of top-tier lab-grown gemstones with IceMoissanite, empowering your jewelry business.

One-Stop Sourcing

Streamline your gemstone procurement through our extensive network of trusted manufacturers—your go-to source for quality.

Custom Shapes

Craft unique pieces with our precision-cut, custom-shaped gemstones, setting your jewelry apart in the market.

Competitive Prices

Benefit from our competitive pricing, enhancing your profit margins while delivering value to your customers.

Ethical Sourcing

Align with ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, meeting the demands of socially conscious buyers.

Knowledgeable Team

Rely on our experienced, knowledgeable team for expert guidance in your gemstone selection and business growth.

Lifetime Warranty

Assure your clients with our lifetime warranty, a testament to the enduring quality of our gemstones.

Returns & Exchanges

Experience hassle-free exchanges for rare defects in our gemstones, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

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Retailer Application Form

Welcome to the IceMoissanite Retailer Application Form. By filling out this form, you will take the first step in becoming an official IceMoissanite retailer. As a member of our team, you will have access to exclusive pricing and promotions and the ability to offer your customers sustainable and ethically sourced gemstones that stand out from the rest. We are thrilled you are interested in joining our team.

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Wholesale Terms: By submitting this application, I confirm that the information provided is accurate and that I agree to IceMoissanite’s wholesale terms.

What Sparkles Your Mind?

Get In Touch With Our Gemstone Specialists

At IceMoissanite, our gemstone specialists are dedicated to surpassing your expectations and providing exceptional service. We recognize each customer’s individuality and are here to assist you in every way possible.

One-to-One Approach

Receive personalized gemstone recommendations based on your jewelry style and preferences.

Priority Access

Enjoy exclusive access to limited-edition gemstone collections before they are released.

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Our team is ready to assist with everything related to our moissanite and lab-grown gemstones. Contact us by filling out the form below.

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We Received Your Application

Thank you for applying to become an IceMoissanite retailer. Your application will undergo a review, and we will reach out to you within five business days.


We Received Your Message

Thank you for reaching out to IceMoissanite. Our team of gemstone experts will respond to your inquiry within 24-48 hours.