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Moissanite History

From Space to Jewelry

A century of Brilliance: Moissanite's Legacy

Discover the captivating history of moissanite, from its 1893 discovery to IceMoissanite’s 2020 founding, showcasing a century of brilliance and innovation in the gemstone industry.


Moissanite is Discovered

Moissanite is found in the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona by Henri Moissan.


Moissanite is Grown in a lab

Technology advancements led to moissanite's first commercial availability.


IceMoissanite is Founded

IceMoissanite emerges as a leading lab-grown gemstone provider, setting new gemstone standards.


Colored Moissanite is Introduced

IceMoissanite introduces its new captivating colored moissanite gemstones, transforming the industry.

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A Cosmic Story

The Stardust Gem: The Story of Moissanite's Discovery

In 1893, the world of gemstones and minerals underwent a profound transformation when French scientist Henri Moissan chanced upon the extraordinary discovery of moissanite. This remarkable find took place within a meteorite crater nestled in the Arizona desert, an event that would ultimately bestow its name upon the mineral.

Moissanite’s origin story is genuinely celestial, primarily composed of silicon carbide, a compound tracing its cosmic lineage back to the stars themselves. Essentially, moissanite can be seen as a manifestation of stardust, born from the intense crucible of carbon-rich stellar cores.

Over a century later, in 1998, relentless technological progress enabled the laboratory cultivation of moissanite, making it commercially accessible for the first time. This pivotal moment marked the dawn of a new era for this exceptional gem, known for its unparalleled brilliance and durability. It provided consumers with a sustainable alternative to traditional diamonds.

IceMoissanite Moissanite History Meteor
IceMoissanite Moissanite History Meteor Crater

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