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IceMoissanite Premium Astra Cut

Astra Cut

72 Facets

The Astra Cut redefines 21st-century elegance through its innovative shape, featuring seventy-two facets and eight girdles. Drawing inspiration from the Infinity Cut’s octagonal design and the Jubilee Cut’s table absence, the Astra Cut is the newest member of rose cuts. Our expert gemstone cutters employ specialized faceting techniques, enabling the Astra Cut to capture and retain light for an extended period, resulting in a display of fire and brilliance. Its shape seamlessly fits into most round gemstone settings, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking contemporary radiance. With its mesmerizing play of light and intricate design, the Astra Cut is a testament to modern gem-cutting artistry.

IceMoissanite Premium Infinity Cut

Infinity Cut

65 Facets

The Infinity Cut’s mesmerizing allure lies in its distinctive octagonal shape, adorned with sixty-five facets that unleash breathtaking brilliance. As a premium cut, it optimizes the carat weight and millimeter size ratio while boasting eight sides for a one-of-a-kind appearance. This meticulous craftsmanship delivers stunning radiance, captivating onlookers from every viewpoint. The Infinity Cut blends ancient mystery with infinite brilliance, making it the top choice for those who appreciate the extraordinary. Its ability to dazzle and captivate admirers sets it apart as an exceptional choice for traditional and modern jewelry designs. In addition, its unique character ensures that it remains a timeless symbol of sophistication and style.

IceMoissanite Premium Peruzzi Cut

Peruzzi Cut

61 Facets

The Peruzzi Cut pays homage to the historic Peruzzi Cut, one of the earliest brilliant cuts created by Vincenzo Peruzzi in the 17th century. With sixty-one facets and seventeen girdles, this modern reinterpretation blends tradition with cutting-edge faceting techniques. The result is a gemstone that captivates with its play of light and fire. The slender corner facet shapes and the transformation of direct light into reflected secondary light enhance its mesmerizing appearance. The Peruzzi Cut is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a gemstone that stands out in any light environment.

IceMoissanite Premium Jubilee Cut

Jubilee Cut

80 Facets

The Jubilee Cut, known as the ‘Twentieth-Century Cut,’ boasts a remarkable eighty-two facets and the absence of a traditional table, creating a fascinating blend of Rose and Round Cuts. Its unique faceting pattern allows light to linger within the gem, increasing sparkle and brilliance. With a striking resemblance to a dahlia flower, the Jubilee Cut’s facets seem to twinkle and dance with every movement. It is ideal for those who appreciate history and sustainability, offering a perfect fusion of vintage charm and modern brilliance. This exceptional cut presents gemstones that shine spectacularly and provide a sustainable option for your ring, rich in history and timeless in allure.

IceMoissanite Premium Portuguese Cut

Portuguese Cut

161 Facets

The Portuguese Cut stands out with unmatched shimmering fire and brilliance among round cuts. Boasting 161 facets, compared to the standard 57 facets of the Round Cut, this unique cut features two rhomboidal rows and three triangular facets above and below the girdle, enhancing its overall brilliance. With a smaller table encircled by rows of rhomboidal facets forming the crown, the Portuguese Cut captivates with its stunning display of light and scintillation. Its exceptional brilliance and dazzling play of colors make it an exceptional choice for those who demand nothing less than the extraordinary.

IceMoissanite Premium Magnolia Cut

Magnolia Cut

66 Facets

The Magnolia Cut is a design inspired by the magnolia flower. With 66 facets, it maximizes the gemstone’s brilliance while showcasing the delicate symmetry of a blooming flower. Its five distinct pavilion facets symbolize a magnolia petal, capturing the flower’s significance in conveying strength and purity. The Magnolia Cut embodies renewal, optimism, and the fleeting beauty of life. Handcrafted by master gemstone cutters, this cut represents the essence of the magnolia, making it a unique and meaningful choice for those who appreciate its cultural significance and beauty. Every Magnolia Cut is thoroughly assessed for light return, ensuring exceptional brilliance and light dispersion in every gem.

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