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IceMoissanite Classic Round Cut

Round Cut

58 Facets

The Round Cut, one of the iconic gemstone shapes, exudes timeless charm and versatility. Its enduring popularity stems from its ability to complement various ring settings. Featuring fifty-eight facets, the Round Brilliant Cut boasts exceptional light reflection, known as brilliance. This classic cut has graced engagement rings, necklaces, and fine jewelry throughout history, promising lasting allure. Unlike fancy cuts, the Round Cut maintains a sense of timelessness and balance, ensuring optimal symmetry and enduring brilliance for generations. Its enduring appeal captures hearts, creating cherished heirlooms for those who appreciate its classic beauty.

IceMoissanite Classic Oval Cut

Oval Cut

70 Facets

The Oval Cut, a relatively recent variation of the Round Cut, effortlessly blends tradition with innovation and stands out with its remarkable ability to reflect light beautifully. It showcases distinctive triangular facets, especially near its center, creating a captivating play of light. This elongated shape offers more carat weight than its counterparts, resulting in a delicate look. The Oval Cut combines classic aesthetics with a modern twist, making it a highly sought-after choice for engagement rings. Its brilliance rivals the Round Cut’s, while its unique shape draws attention, making it ideal for those seeking a standout gem.

IceMoissanite Classic Heart Cut

Heart Cut

57 Facets

The Heart Cut, featuring one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of love, is a romantic and emotional choice. It dates back to the 14th century and is one of the oldest gemstone cuts known. This stylized gem shape holds immense sentimental value, given its connection to love and warmth. Expert gemstone connoisseurs also admire the Heart Cut for its ability to enhance a gem’s “fire” through its unconventional facet arrangements, resulting in a unique and enchanting sparkle. This cut captivates instantly, evoking feelings of love and devotion with every glance.

IceMoissanite Classic Pear Cut

Pear Cut

72 Facets

The Pear Cut, also known as the Teardrop Cut, boasts unique facets that maximize its brilliance, making it a statement of artistic expression. This distinctive cut blends the Round Cut’s elegance with the Marquise Cut’s pointed ends, creating a captivating contrast. A Pear Cut gemstone signifies an appreciation for refinement and exceptional craftsmanship. Its ability to accommodate heavier carat weights and its romantic, unconventional silhouette make it an excellent choice for those seeking refined and distinctive gemstones. The Pear Cut’s graceful lines and ability to create the illusion of elongated fingers make it a timeless and elegant choice for jewelry connoisseurs.

IceMoissanite Classic Princess Cut

Princess Cut

66 Facets

The Princess Cut, a favorite among fancy cuts, combines square elegance with exceptional brilliance. Unlike other cuts where brilliance mainly concentrates in the center, the Princess Cut exhibits distinct light reflection in each of its four corners. Its meticulously arranged facets enhance its sparkle, making it an impressive choice to elevate any style. Our expertly crafted Princess Cut is a timeless symbol of sophistication and modern style. Princess Cuts are instant classics, adorning jewelry pieces with enduring allure and unmatched elegance. Whether set on a solitaire ring or paired with accent stones, the Princess Cut remains a symbol of timeless beauty and excellence in craftsmanship.

IceMoissanite Classic Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut

82 Facets

The Cushion Cut, known for its soft, elegant appearance and rarity, has experienced a resurgence in popularity. It is occasionally referred to as the Pillow or Candlelight Cut, thanks to its brilliant sparkle under soft lighting. This cut’s impressive brilliance is attributed to its rounded corners and large facets. Its history dates back to the 1800s when octagonal cuts were prevalent. The Cushion Cut’s introduction offered a unique alternative, serving as a precursor to the Round Cut. Cushion Cut stones appeal to those with distinct personal tastes, making understated yet individualistic statements.

IceMoissanite Classic Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

46 Facets

The Emerald Cut boasts a distinctive optical appearance, featuring rectangular facets on its pavilion. Like the Asscher Cut, it features cropped corners, and its name originates from being a standard cut for emeralds. The symmetrical rectangular facets set the Emerald Cut apart, enhancing its visual appeal. Emerald Cuts come in various dimensions, with some having a higher length-to-width ratio than others. This classic cut appeals to those seeking gemstones crafted with traditional methods and timeless elegance. With its clean lines and understated charm, the Emerald Cut exudes sophistication and refinement, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate a classic and enduring aesthetic.

IceMoissanite Classic Radiant Cut

Radiant Cut

54 Facets

The Radiant Cut offers a stunning visual experience, distinct from the Emerald and Princess Cuts, mainly due to its captivating sparkle. Our Radiant Cut is unique, featuring trimmed corners that blend the lines of an Emerald Cut with the brilliance of a Round Cut. This cut’s sparkle pairs beautifully with various other cuts, making it a versatile choice. Radiant cuts are known for their distinctive geometric facet pattern, often revealing a diagonal cross pattern at the center. These gemstones vary in dimensions, from square to slightly rectangular. The Radiant Cut is a luxurious, fancy cut, offering unparalleled brilliance and captivating light refraction.

IceMoissanite Classic Asscher Cut

Asscher Cut

65 Facets

The Asscher Cut radiates vintage elegance, reflecting early 20th-century artistic styles. Historically less common, it gained acclaim through the work of the Asscher brothers of Holland. Commissioned by King Edward VII, they cut the world’s largest diamond, the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond. The Asscher Cut features a square shape with truncated corners. These corners strengthen the gemstone, while the angular shape accentuates its clarity. The Asscher Cut blends elegance and nostalgia, offering timeless charm that effortlessly merges retro appeal with modern sophistication. Its unique combination of geometric precision and vintage allure makes it a captivating choice for those seeking history and elegance in their gemstones.

IceMoissanite Classic Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut

59 Facets

The Marquise Cut, known for its distinctive elongated oval shape with pointed ends, is instantly recognizable and makes a bold fashion statement. Its origins trace back to 17th-century France when King Louis XIV sought a unique shape to mimic his courtesan’s smile. The resulting cut, characterized by its slender and elongated form, continues to captivate today. The Marquise Cut’s unique shape gives the illusion of greater length than its carat weight suggests, elongating the finger while maintaining a rich historical backstory. This historically romantic shape is ideal for those seeking to make a vintage impression.

IceMoissanite Classic Trillion Cut

Trillion Cut

44 Facets

The Trillion Cut is a bold and daring choice for those seeking non-traditional stones. Its unique triangular shape sets it apart from the more common round and square options. Trillion Cuts feature curved sides and rounded points, creating an elegant and captivating appearance. What makes this cut truly mesmerizing is its ability to achieve brilliance and fire, resulting from the precise balance between the crown and pavilion. Reserved for true connoisseurs of precious stones, it showcases sophistication and creativity. With a larger table surface area, Trillions exude an alluring, distinctive, and refined charm, making them a unique and captivating choice.

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